Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Evolution of Shaving

The smallest parts of prisoners’ lives can reflect changes in the wider society. Like shaving.

It was once the case that we had to shave every morning, a failure to do so leading to disciplinary charges. I spent more than one period as a 15 year old in solitary confinement for this.

We were not allowed to possess razor blades. These were old-fashioned, double edged blades that had to be screwed in to the razor itself. Both were kept in a pouch by staff, to be issued each morning and collected shortly after.

A few decades on, and we are now issued disposable razors. They are crap. We are allowed to hold them in our possession, exchanging them in the office, on a new for old basis.

The richer end of the population buy Mach 3 Turbo Laser Testosterone whatever (the only way this could possibly be marketed as being more macho is to have a set of balls fitted to the handle). Packets of blades cost eight quid, making this the best argument for beards ever.

We have moved from a situation of uber-control over our shaving, and the security of razor blades, to one of a more laisez-fair disposition.

We have moved from steel, long lifed shaving kit to disposable tat. If this doesn't say something about society as a whole...

And I opted out of the whole business, having a beard since my teens.

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