Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sir David Latham

And Lo! the Heavens opened, and Truth poured forth... All of us involved with criminal justice and the parole board have always known that they could be flighty creatures, prone to shifting in the face of the Government of the day.

This is despite the fact that the parole board is claimed to be independent, a claim even upheld by "the prisoners' friend", the European Court of Human Rights.
But now, at last, the Chair of the parole board has made public what we all knew in private - that the Board has been keeping people in prison longer than necessary. Sir David Latham has blown their cover, confessing that the Board has been making decisions about release based upon the wrath of the media and government rather than the character of the prisoner sat in front of them.

I was one of the many who was burned in this process of abrogating professional and personal responsibility. If the Board had held its nerve against the media then I would have been released a couple of years ago (this episode is covered in my post, "How to serve 30 years").

Note that whilst Sir David makes a long overdue confession, there is no suggestion that he should apologise. Both to you for wasting your money in paying Board members to do their job and for the ton of cash it has cost you to keep some of us inside longer than necessary. And to some of us prisoners, who were slung back in our boxes for a couple more years as a result of this shameful behaviour by the Board.

Just what does it take these days before a public servant can be prompted to say, "I'm sorry"? I can only hope that my parole board in two weeks time has rediscovered its purpose and makes a decision based upon me rather than the vagaries of Jack Straw's mood-swings.


  1. I don't know, I have some sympathy for DLs position. It's very easy to criticize when you are not subject to the enormous pressure the media bring to bear on public servants. I think he has shown significant bravery and strength of character to go on record with such opinions that could very easily cost him his job, especially so close to an election. Let's not look a gift horse in the mouth, maybe an apology will come later?

  2. When you get released promise to continue your blog?

  3. Ben you are so right - the media has a lot to answer for. Not only are all mainstream media run by thugs but they control governments and are used by other thugs like big business to destroy ordinary lives whether in prison or a hard working individual who happens to get in their way!

    Your campaign will not only set you free, but it will give other prisoners confidence to take the corrupt prison system head on whilst exposing the lies span by the media. You are now a friend to many and many people like me respect you. Good luck and all the best when you get out!

  4. David Latham is a racist running a racist Employment Tribunal Service. He has now been given a knighthood for services to inflicting his racist venom on Black Claimants. David Latham is one of many corrupt government officials responsible for the looting and rioting in some of the major cities in this country. David Latham is an accident waiting to happen.


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