Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Death Penalty

Between 1900 and the abolition of the death penalty, just shy of half of those sentenced to death were not executed. They had their sentences commuted to Life and tended to serve around 10 years before they were released.

Overwhelmingly, they went on to live obscure, non-criminal lives. It makes me wonder what was the point of killing the other half.


  1. There was no point and it was morally wrong!

  2. The last person to be sentenced to death in this country was a man whose sir name was Hanratty, it was in the 1950's.

    Now he was in fact an innocent man. His only 'crime' that caused him to be put to death was the fact that that he had learning difficulties.

    The government did eventually apologize for this gross miscarriage of justice. But you can see one of the problems with the death penalty, innocent men and women die for no reason; how fair is that?

  3. Well said SophieJ - if we all went for an eye for an eye revenge, this whole world would be all blind. My philosophy is simple, 'Do unto others as you want them to do unto you.' But we are all humans and as humans we all make mistakes. Some of us make one mistake and learn from it, never to be repeated.

    In these past 7 years I could easily have been burnt alive as a witch, a liar and a prostitute just on the say so of evil liars, thieves and a cowards. How is it that people find it so easy to believe liars? The answer I believe is that, it takes a liar to believe a lie. We must all stand up for people like Ben and fight for their release for the simple reason that they are open about their crime and have paid back for their crime as best as humanly possible. None of the people who told lies about me and even tried to poison me so as to get rid of any incriminating evidence have come forward. They are still walking along our streets as free but dangerous buffoons. They are potential murderers who hide behind the corrupt media and its corrupt government. Enough is enough! No one should ever go through what I went through and it takes people like Ben to put an end to this barbarism by telling it as it is!

  4. 'An eye for an eye' is a complete misreading of the text in any case. In the Bible it refers to recompense not punishment and is a call for ensuring the payment does not exceed the debt. It is most certainly NOT an endorsement of the death penalty.

    And that is from an atheist by the way (although I am a literary scholar).

  5. Anonymous, I am no scholar of anything, I read the bible not study the bible and I interpret what I read the way I understand it. Spare me your biblical scholastic! The debate in question here is a very serious one and relates to our current corrupt justice system and does not require scholars of bibles to interpret anything!

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