Monday, April 26, 2010

Let's Screw the Government!

As the Council of Europe has pointed out, the General Election may well be unlawful due to the government's refusal to implement the Hirst judgement on prisoners’ right to vote.

I, and others, am trying to get back into court to hammer this
point home. An unlikely success in this challenge raises the
wonderful prospect of delivering a kick in the goolies to the
Government the likes of which haven't been seen since Watt Tyler.

It could be that the courts rule the election as being unlawful. It would have to be re-run. Alas, none of the parties could afford to do that, they are in debt just from the first try.

The party system could be broken and, at last, and the likes of you and I could actually be on the same political standing as the party machines that treat us with such contempt.

A win for prisoners could be a win for democracy, a win for the millions who feel that they can make no difference. We have a chance to remind the self-serving, venal bastards who run our lives that they are our servants, not our masters. Viva la resistance!


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