Friday, June 11, 2010

Oestrogen and Work

Watching the men labouring to build our new yard accessories, it struck me that the work-rate of those involved was directly correlated with the prettiness of any women passing by.

As the yard is a thoroughfare to the Admin block, a fair number of females pass by each day. And I swear, if a pretty one stands near the construction area then the men begin shovelling with more vigour and the occasional shirt comes off.

And one of the worst aspects of masculinity appears - men, who don't know squat, suddenly doing lots of devise pointing and making declarations about what-goes-where-and-how.

I doubt that the men even realise that they are doing this. I wonder if the women realise their affect?

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  1. And visa versa too, it works both ways. I remember reading Malcolm X's autobiography, and how he used to jive ( partner dance ) in the 1940's in his gangster days. He came to the conclusion that women liked to be worked ... Such a way to put it, but it is true.


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