Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Perspective and Time

Thirty flippin’ years...that's an awfully long span of time.

When I came to prison, Michael Jackson was still black, Elton John was straight and there were only three TV channels.


  1. Time to get out mate because its not only Michael Jackson who changed his colour but the British establishment and the politics of the whole world has changed. I bet Michael would colour himself black again had he lived to see these changes. I quote this from today's guardian comment:
    "During the election, my being black was a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it meant I was highly visible, and a curse because the tag of not being local was obvious for people to see."

    Wilfred Emmanuel - Jones who stood as the Tory candidate got 21,500 votes in Chippenham and he calls his constituency a 'true blue'locality. I thought blue meant those with royal blood, the queen and aristocrats and those top upper stiff lipped toffs who have their shoe laces tied up for them by nannies from birth until they are senile. Senility is a stage where walking without shoes is ok for both the sane poor and the senile blue toffs.

  2. No-one should be in prison for 30 years - unless they are absolutely mad and/or dangerous and Ben certainly should not - keep strong.


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