Friday, June 18, 2010


After the shambles that masqueraded as my last parole hearing, I made a formal complaint to the Parole Board about the conduct of the Judge who chaired the proceedings. As I allege, it was his inefficiency that led to the hearing being abandoned.

That letter was posted a month ago. According to the Parole Boards timetable for dealing with complaints, the matter should have been dealt with by now.

And yet all I have heard is a resounding silence. Not a single peep has emanated from the Board, not even an acknowledgement. This suggests two possibilities. One is that my letter failed to leave the prison. It is not unknown for letters which are problematic to 'go astray'.

The other possibility is that the Parole Board are in such a shambles that they can't even deal with complaints made about that shambles. Oh, the irony.


  1. Yes, it is a shambles. Will the new government make any improvements to the justice system? That is the big question...

  2. I was impressed that Ken Clarke appears to be looking at reducing the prison population.

    I said previously that the deficit may work in favour of us reformists. I also hope he encourages the Parole Board to be both more efficient and timely AND to be prepared to ignore the Court of Public Opinion and the Jury of Tabloid Indignation and start releasing more long-term/life sentenced prisoners who are no longer a risk.

    Their remit is, after all, 'risk to life and limb'. They constantly over-reach themselves imo.

  3. Agree. My son eventually got a second parole hearing date some 4 years after an 18 month IPP. Parole Board did not even look at it - someone at the parole board decided they need more up-to-date reports and they re-scheduled it for 6 months later. By the time they then fix a date that will mean 5 years inside for an 18 month tariff! What a wonderful system we have - costly, soul-destroying and does nothing to protect the public. With an 18 month tariff one might well assume that this person is not the most dangerous in the country!! Ben, keep going - put another complaint in - your letter may well not have been posted - got experience of that too!

  4. What a farce. I thought someone was meant to be released if they were no longer a danger to society and had served their minimum tariff? So how is that we keep reading about people released from prison who have raped/ killed/ attacked again but you're still there? Seems an arse about system if you ask me.


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