Wednesday, September 8, 2010

It's not criminal!

The drivers who break the speed limit have been out in force again, prompted by a senior copper who pointed out that they were breaking the law - and stop whining about being busted.

It never fails to amuse me when a raft of society who break the criminal law bleat that they are not criminals. Doh! That's sort of the definition, innit?

And it is extraordinary how this lobby has had an effect. In which other area of criminality do you get the copper signposted? Big yellow speed cameras, databases of hotspots...if only burglars had that level of consideration given to them. The reasoning of these mad drivers is most interesting, in that it echoes the justifications offered by thousands of shoplifters. "It didn't hurt anyone"..."Where was the harm?"...When tattooed people from the council estate come out with this stuff, we rightly dismiss it. When drivers in a shirt and tie say it across the pages of the Mail, we are meant to pat them on the back and support their pathetic whining.

The funniest thing is, these people fail completely to see the parallel. As many a Judge has told many a Defendant - if you don't want to be punished, don't break the law.


  1. In ancient Sparta, as I understand it, you could commit any crime you liked with blessing; but if you were caught, then you were clearly out of favour from the Gods; therefore you were righteously punished.

    When the state becomes your god, then you can commit any crime you like with blessing, and a certificate, as long as it has the authority of the bureaucracy behind it.

    When Eve Ensler, writes of the seduction of a 13 year old girl, by an adult lesbian, she is blessed by the feminists for describing it as "good rape".

    Yet the same organizations hold lessons and seminars for young girls, to make them 'aware' of the potential rape from their male peers.

    The quota chasing police rub their collective hands, and with their long arms, bless these outreach feminist quangos.

    Ye Gods, and little fishy fingers!

  2. Jimmy Giro,

    It is your right of free speech to say such offensive things and it is my right to be offended by them. Ben and his editor don't generally delete posts, except for libel, so we'll see what they decide to do here.

    No right minded person would support what Eve Ensler wrote in the Vagina Monologues and your lumping in of all feminists in with her is dull and bigoted. Your reference to "fishy fingers" is homophobic and repugnant. Your comments here today disgust me.

  3. Blogspot ate my first post when I left the second. It said (as close as I can remember):


    It is your right of free speech to say such offensive things, and it is my right to be offended by them. Ben and his editor don't usually delete posts, except for libel, so we'll see what they do here.

    No one in their right mind would support what Eve Ensler wrote in The Vagina Monologues but your lumping of all feminists in with her is dull and bigoted. Your mention of "fishy fingers" is repugnant and homophobic. I am disgusted by your comments here today.

  4. So you're conscious of your influx of new blog readers then Ben - sorry, couldn't resist

  5. "If you don't want to be punished don't break the law" or more to the point, if you can afford a lawyer like Mr Loophole you can get away with it. My legal aid lawyer f***ed me over. Then you go to jail, and learn how not to get caught in the first place.

  6. It's always interesting, isn't it, how "they" break the law but "we" just interpret it differently.

  7. Yes but speeding motorists mostly don't have victims, but tattooed people from the council estate do have victims when they shoplift - the shop has lost the goods that they could otherwise have sold on.

  8. I think the reason that the cameras are made so obvious is that their primary purpose is NOT the detection of crime but the reduction in accidents and increase in road safety.

  9. There are a set of crimes which obviously ought to be crimes, and have identifiable victims - murder, theft, rape, assault and the like.

    There are another set of crimes which are only crimes because some government has decided that thou shalt not do that (and the government may or may not have a good reason for doing so.)

    Shoplifting has an obvious victim - the owner of the shop, who no longer has the stuff that was stolen.

    Software piracy? That's not so obvious. All of the big software companies have at times tacitly supported software piracy in developing countries, among students and the like, as a method of maintaining market dominance. The risk to Microsoft's profits isn't a billion poor foreigners using bootleg copies of Office - it's those billion poor foreigners writing their own software, and undercutting Microsoft in the western market.

    Driving at 50 mph on a wide, straight road with good visibility past a little sign saying "40"? That's only against the law because there's a sign.

    The same goes for most drugs offences. Now, I think most drugs are harmful and have no intention of screwing with my mind, but if you want to sit around in your house smoking dope, you're not doing me any harm. There's plenty of "real crime" involved in the smuggling and supply of drugs, but not in their use.

    Drive a car whilst under the influence of drugs or alcohol, and cause an accident, and I would happily vote for your execution, though.


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