Monday, September 27, 2010

Silly Games

The staff are playing games. They are unlocking us slightly later at every opportunity. This is part of their work-to-rule, a manifestation of their perpetual bitching about pay and conditions.

It winds us up. We have a limited amount of time unlocked and chipping away at it bugs us. The staff know this. It bugs us even more when, as bang-up time arrives, they want us behind our door on the dot.

Quite what they think this is going to achieve, I don't know. It doesn't bother management one bit. Perhaps this is a manifestation of the Prison Officer's Association ancient tactic - wind up the cons and hope we kick off, allowing the screws to then claim we are unstable animals and they deserve more money for doing their job?


  1. well said my friend

  2. I don't know much about the ins and outs of the current dispute between the POA and management. But I know that the government has proposed a huge reduction in PO's numbers and that they have outlawed their right to strike. So, their heavy handed, lazy and nervous behaviour that the prisoners are victims of at the moment is just as likely to be as a result of these government proposals as it is a selfish desire on their part for more money.

    Far from the prison population being cut, it is likely to increase under the policies of this government. As they propose cutting benefits, social and community projects, universities, schools, hospitals etc.

    People will have less of a choice and will be more likely to enter into a life of crime just to make ends meat.

    If the government were serious about reducing the prison population they could easily look to countries where prisons have closed already due to a reduction in crime, countries like Holland for example, where the single factor in this has been the de-criminalization and legalization of drugs.

  3. Maybe the government can abolish all the 4,000 laws introduced by ZanuLabour, and 'decriminalize' men.

  4. I'm sorry but the more I read the more I feel that you are casting yourself as the victim !

    The victim was the person killed and although you seem to be thoughtful and bright (in an educated way) - moaning about your encarceration will not change the fact that your victim is not around to whing about his plight.

    Its not as though I have no compassion for your situation especially as you appear to want your freedom in order to effect a plan for the rest of your life - possibly to the benefit of the community but wailing 'poor me' after having taken someone elses life seems a bit of a cheek.

  5. hello, troll :) bored? Lonely? Dont forget the samaritans...

  6. Yes, quite Mad Albert, just what sort of silly game anonymous is playing I don't know, but s/he is certainly boring the crap outta me

  7. Listen carefully Troll: you hear that whistling in your left ear? That was the point zipping past you.

    Perhaps you should spend less time being so sanctimonious and more trying to emulate Ben by being thoughtful and bright (in and educated way - whatever that means)?


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