Friday, September 24, 2010

Passing Words

My new, antidepressant-fuelled routine sees me sitting out on the yard as soon as we are unlocked in the morning. Picking a bench, I try to radiate an air of solitude.

Jug of coffee, tobacco and notebook at hand, I spend the next half an hour jotting down ideas for future posts.

At most, a dozen others are dotted around, most sitting near the pond or walking around the perimeter in a deliberate attempt to stave off the temptation to slump into a carbohydrate heavy sloth.

Those walking are either solitary and purposeful, or more leisurely in company. As they pass my bench, I catch glimpses of their conversations.

An odd sentence here and there, a few brief words before they pass out of hearing. This morning, people mentioned the plants in the pond, the increasing size of a screwess’s arse, the politics between the lads who man the wing servery, and the 'end of history' theory proposed by Francis Fukiyama.

"All human life..."


  1. What a wonderful image you give of prisoners debating all manner of topics from sex to history, politics and economics.

    It was Socrates who was really enthusiastic about people walking while talking out matters of philosophy and the heart, it sounds just like a scene from back then!

    As for Fukiyama, he proclaimed the end of history was nigh in 1989 or thereabouts and twenty years later, we are still going strong, surely an argument against!!!

  2. Yes, trolls are a pain. Man in the Street, you are not funny or clever. And you are merely clogging up the comments with your crass remarks.


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