Friday, September 10, 2010

Pukka Mukka

The kitchen refurbishment has been completed and the airline meals are, thankfully, tailing off. As has the asbestos seasoning of the old kitchen. The only good thing about the food of late has been the introduction of Pukka pies. This may not be world-changing but in prison, a pie that contains more than a mere scrapping of a filling is a rare and valued thing.

With the kitchen reopened, we assumed we would return to the old ways. But lo! For tea on Saturday we still have a Pukka pie. And just when you thought it can't get better than that, we have chips as well! Pie and that's pukka, mucka!


  1. Ben,

    The likes of Gordon Ramsey, Gary Rhodes and Heston Blumming'eck can wax lyrical about fois gras, coulis' and truffle extractions 'till the cows come home but give me pie and chips any time. Considering the quality of prison food is questionable at the best of times, at least I know Pukka pies are great and have a decent half life! ;-)

    Enjoy Saturdays dinner.

  2. Glad to here you're being fed right.

    I can't help wondering, that from your last post regarding depression, "Not so Funny", if the diet in prison, is not the primary source of depression.

    In nature, omnivores use their taste to vary their diet; if prisoners have their diet imposed upon them, then their diet is less naturally efficacious than that of the average rat.

  3. Question Ben, from a position of ignorance, how much choice (if any) are you given over your food?

    These days how are vegans etc. catered for?

    By the way, I am somewhat disturbed that the automatic word verification thing by Blogger below is of a particularly bizarre genital self-modification!

  4. King Queen, I can't answer for Ben in Shepton Mallet, but i can say, as an vegan ex-con there are usually 6 choices for your lunch and dinner (Breakfast is weetabix with dairy or soya milk every day) There is a vegan option every time, and the menu's go in a 3 week rotation.

    The budget per prisoner is around £1.50 a day, and i have to say i think the prison do well on that. Vegans get a vegan pack, these are not perks, but part of nutrition, where you get extra fruit/nuts etc, and a vegan option for yougurts vegan ice cream once in a while etc.

    Vegan prisoner support group has more info (google it if your interested)

    The vegan diet does vary from prison to prison though, with some catering managers making more of an effort than others.


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