Monday, June 27, 2011


Legal people have pointed out that anything I've said here about mobile phones may be "used in evidence" against me by the parole board.

How strange it is, nobody believes a word I say, unless it can be used against me!

For the record then, I am really a black lesbian dwarf, who blogs because the night shift at my spaghetti mine is dull.

Everybody clear?!


  1. Ahh, so that explains the sudden shortage of spaghetti, forcing me to buy rice (which takes longer to cook and can kill you if reheated), I see, hrmph.

    Bet you're a trade unionist too*

    As for evidence, given it's posted via a third party can it be used at all? there'd surely be a question of whether it was posted as written or if you'd written it at all should it come up in court...

    * Yes, Minister reference, ideal Quango appointee etc., I have nothing against the unions, crippled as they were by Thatcher and Neo-labour

  2. "How strange it is, nobody believes a word I say, unless it can be used against me!"

    What else can the malfeasant use, when dealing with victimless 'crimes'?

    The next stage is 'thought crime'; whereby they believe what you are thinking as the incriminating 'evidence', such as the Chris Langham case.

  3. Already happening unfortunately.

    And the video cameras in police interviews so your expressions etc. can be analysed, almost facecrime

    Orwell was right, he was just a bit off with his timing, they're putting a CCTV camera in my street soon, granted it's not in my house but still, heh.

    Also, a bit off topic but why are we negotiating with the bastards who do this: - Someone stop the country, I want to get off -.-

  4. "How strange it is, nobody believes a word I say, unless it can be used against me!"

    If it’s all about words, then the Parole board should look no further than Ben's recent post ‘Restricted’, which in my opinion makes a clear and UNARGUABLE case for release. I say that the Parole Board ‘should be made’ to dissect THAT particular post, point-by-point, and either show valid rebuttal, - or release him.

  5. Are you being sarcastic?

    (You can't mean that literally, surely...)

  6. Anon 7.59 (if you're referring to me!)

    You sound clever enough to work those answers out yourself.

  7. @ Jimmy giro, What Chris Langham did wasn't a victimless crime. Some kids, somewhere had to be abused for the pics to be on the internet. He somehow looked at them. fueling the market. I have been using the internet for years, and never ever come across child porn, coz i have never looked for it. In fact, we live nr Maidstone, where his trial was, and saw him one day walking by the river, we decided not to say anything, as this was in his trial, and everyone is innocent until proven guilty. He did look a worried man, and i do hope he had a crap time in jail.

  8. @ Anonymous 7:58,

    Did you look at the twin towers being attacked?

  9. I did, Jimmy - I tuned in to watch neighbours only to find it wasn't on due to some kind of mishap in New York.

    Did you used to fantasise about Harold Bihop being taken roughly from behind by Lou Carpenter, Jimmy? Perhaps imagining yourself in the receptive "Harold Bihop" role? If you did it's ok, nobody's going to judge.

  10. Well Kevin,

    If you follow the logic of 'anonymous', then anybody who witnesses or studies terrorism, must be a terrorists accomplice; for they are "fuelling the market".

    As for Chris Langham, he stated that he was trying to understand what was going on in the mind of the pederast that fucked him, when he was a lad; therefore researched the subject by downloading 27 images of such pederast activities.

    Clearly he missed an opportunity in not talking to you Kevin; who has such an intimate grasp of the technicalities and mechanics of the subject in hand.

  11. Oh yes Jimmy it all makes perfect sense now. Child pornography, twin towers, of course, now why didn't I realise there was a logical connection like you did??!!

  12. Charmed I'm sure Jimmy

  13. @anon if you want to study the subject in more detail and discover the twists and turns of the police, the CPS and Social Services I should google inquisition21, it might help give you a bit more insight into their activities specifically with regard Operation Ore.

  14. "Intimate grasp", eh Jimmy?


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