Friday, June 24, 2011

"Two C*nts Morgan"

Quite how and when I transmogrified from being John to Ben is lost somewhere in the wreckage of my teenage years. It just happened and stuck. Now being called John actually bugs me, it implies an intimacy which is instantly undermined by not knowing that everyone calls me Ben.
Others are not so fortunate in their moniker... like Morgan. Having another strange teenage conversation in the workshops, he suddenly made us pause by asking, "how many holes do women have...?" As we were all ferociously macho and equally inexperienced, this lead to a long pause. I leapt in, hoping for the best..."Three; urethra, vagina and anus". (I may be cleaning things up here...).
Morgan stared at me, triumphant, and began taking the piss out of my "ignorance". In all seriousness, he baldly explained that woman have two vaginas, one only used for rear-entry.
From that moment, he was forever Two-C*nts Morgan!


  1. Why do men have a hole in the end of their willy? ... Well, they have to let the air get to their brain somehow don't they?

  2. @ 'Its a Rap,
    Are you suggesting 'no willy, no brain'?

    @ 'Admin',
    Even blind men make mistakes.

  3. Jimmygiro:

    I think that one is suggesting that we think with our testicles much of the time (possibly a fair point)


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