Sunday, June 19, 2011

Request from Ben

Ben has called from the "block".

They have taken his word processor away, which means he cannot type his Ph.D. work and do blog posts (don't worry, I have a few to be getting on with!). Ben's handwriting is appalling.

Ben asks if anyone has an old typewriter kicking around?  You know - old relics with ribbons?  Typewriters are on the "approved" list in prison, and he is therefore allowed to have one.

Please e-mail on the blog contact if you have one and we will work out how to get it into him.

Thanks, Ed.


  1. I'll buy him one on EBay if no-one else has one. Is this ok ?

    Or This ?

    Depends if he wants electric or not I guess ?

    If so what address should I get it sent to ?


  2. IMPERIAL Good Companion 203 Portable Typewriter looks OK, starting bid £20. Can we communicate by e-mail on this please?

  3. Email sent to offer my assistance.


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