Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Fault!

The blog has recently veered off into a far more personal direction than I ever intended.  This is my fault, for being preoccupied by personal events and so neglecting more fundamental issues.

The free diagnoses I'm receiving for my apparently endless psychological issues are perhaps better directed to Facebook.

As soon as I am able, I will swiftly return to limiting my personal intrusions as mere illustrative hooks on which to hang wider musings.

As always, thank you all for your continued attention (and attentiveness) and I hope that my future posts will reward you.


  1. In my opinion, Ben's most enduring achievement has been his ability to cope mentally with the grinding day-to-day monotony that is prison life without losing the plot (mentally or physically) over a sustained period of 31+ years.

    Without getting bogged down in any of the psychological mumbo-jumbo, common sense tells me that if he can cope with what has been thrown at him since the age of 14, then he shouldn’t find it too difficult to adjust to freedom with the love, support and opportunities he clearly has at his disposal should he be released

    In the absence of any violent incident, I can only assume that it's Ben’s 'perceived state of mind' that the authorities are using as an excuse to keep him in prison.

    I think Ben shows a better understanding of 'the real world' than I suspect some of the people charged with making the decisions regarding his future do.

    As there is no real reason to keep Ben in jail in regards his behaviour, I can only surmise it's political.

  2. Darby, very well said.

    And Ben, your blog is always rewarding to read; I find it enlightening, both reading your posts and also the comments of such a range of people. It is not a fault that you have drifted into personal issues, it is your blog after all and just serves to show your vulnerable side, which we all do have tucked away somewhere. Best wishes and hope you are settling in at Erlstoke.

  3. Does anyone know who has the dubious honour of Britains longest serving prisoner. And how many say like Ben have served thirty years plus.

  4. There was a man in HMP Swaleside, either Mr Hill, or Mr Hall ? He had been in since 1967, though i have no idea if he is the longest serving prisoner, nor if he is still there. But he was making no effort to get out.

  5. Can people in prison play the lottery? I imagine it would be very popular.


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