Sunday, September 27, 2009

Prisons are holiday camps

In the past year, 24,944 prison holidaymakers harmed themselves. Of those, 60 killed themselves. Twenty of those deaths were remand prisoners- innocent men and women. I wonder if Butlins has similar figures?


  1. Short, sharp and pointed. Ouch!

  2. I dunno, have you actually been to a Butlins lately? Oh, hang on...that's awkward...sorry.
    (bad taste I know, couldn't resist - love the blog though)

  3. Good point, well made.

    Mind you, having spent a week in Skegness when 'Agga-Doo' was all the rage, I really do wonder what the 'Daily Fail' mob are trying to prove by likening prisons to holiday camps!

  4. It says something about us using Prisons as dumping grounds. Clearly many of those individuals should have been in a psychiatric hospital. I feel sorry for prison staff having to deal with such situations when they clearly are not qualified to do so. It seems impossible to me to stop suicide if a person is determined to take their own life.

    Do you have the numbers between male and female and age. I watched a documentary on Holloway Prison last year and many of the women were self harmers. The staff were impressive in dealing with some very disturbed young people.

    It is all very sad but given the lack of mental health hospitals it is inevitable that we will continue to have such numbers....

  5. Sadly, most incidents of self-harm are amongst women. Perhaps they turn their distress inwards, where men express this outwards as aggression?


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