Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Just for entertainment, perhaps someone should put up two petitions for Parliamentary debate:

1  To execute the murderer Ben Gunn

2  To free the prisoner/writer/campaigner Ben Gunn.

Just for fun...?!


  1. What a very poor post.

    (1) is clearly daft;
    (2) is up to him.

    What more can one say.

  2. Love it, how to make light and laughter out of the situation !!!! Great post and funny !

    Just wanted to add a third way if I may; how about

    1 whoop his ass

    2 then say sorry and give him a cuddle ?

    No? ... oh nevermind!

    I don't mean to belittle the crime you committed Ben, what you did was terrible and a tragedy.

    As you know nothing will bring your friend back and you have paid your dues for killing him.

    You have the power within you to forgive yourself and move on, although it will be hard and you will need some understanding and caring people around you.

    I wish you all the best, you have shown yourself highly capable as a writer, a blogger, and you are someone with much to offer the world. Good luck x

  3. No sign of my mower being fixed then?

  4. Hi just a thought. I is amazes me how your still inside and the bulgers killers were walking free one was even gloating about his crime and reoffended as a sex offender.

    It may be your rebellion and (lack of ability following routine) they may see as an inability tto follow society norms)

    I do not agree with this but this may be there attitude tell what theywantyou to say be a robot for a few months. You can do more on the outside than inside.

    I cannot comment on conditions as I never been inside prision. some people belive life to life but you were 14 still a minor. Not able to predicthe consequences of your actions and you do show remorse.

    I was burgelled while we were in the house, they stole my daughters disability vehicle ( it had a blue badge and was in a disabelled parking bay, and they stolemy handbag.My daughter is a wheelchair user ith CP and autism. The police caught them 1 was already out on paraole etc etc. they could not charge them with burlgelry as they said thy had brought the car off some one else even though it had my handbag contets all over. they showed no respect or remorse. it is them who shouldbe locked up.

    NowI am in my house with my front and back door lockedat all times and I wake up every morning thinking will my car be there. I know people who have been burgeled 4or 5 times. Your homee is not your home afterwards


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