Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy Birthday

From the Ed:

Tomorrow is Ben's birthday, his 31st behind bars.

I print comments and send them in, should anyone wish to send a birthday message.  Or there is always the donate button.....


  1. Happy Birthday Ben.

  2. Lots of love on your birthday John - see you in the Autumn, x x x x

  3. Happy birthday John, regulary follow the blog, hope things improve and you get to open soon.

  4. Happy Birthday Ben, sorry I can't donate a pressie as I'm unwaged at present, but be assured of my continued interest and support.

  5. Good Morning Ben, birthday greetings! Love and best wishes to you. Hope your day will be filled with all manner of good and positive thoughts and vibes as I am sending them to you xxx

    I can just imagine you saying; 'well ta very much but where is me pressie!' Lol! My answer; erm ... in the post? Seriously, I will be sending you a card in the post but havn't done it yet as I've only just found out it's your bithday today. Hope you have a good day.

    Wishing you lots of love and luck!

    Sophie x

  6. Happy birthday Ben. May it be your last behind bars.

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  8. A belated Happy Birthday, Ben.

    I just discovered your Blog today and it is a fascinating read. I hope you win your freedom soon.

    Take care,



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