Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Riot Squad...

...who appeared suited and booted to deal with George, dressed in the latest urban chic.  And they looked so bloody gay!

Like a champion body builder covered in baby oil and wearing a tiny t-shirt, the more macho the riot squad dress then the less masculine they look.

Stop trying so hard guys, you're looking a bit silly.


  1. Hey Ben,

    Can we have your opinion on the riots??!! Really really want to hear what you have to say about it. You must have a deep understanding of what is going on??

  2. Whats wrong with looking gay?

  3. Why would Ben know anymore about the riots than the rest of us? After chatting to one of my ex-con mates on the phone, who lives nr North London, she said they are cutting benifits for the people who are already skint, anyone who had a job on the side, is now being undercut by forign workers who will do it cheaper, and we watch our government give millions in forign aid. People don't wanna see their kids go without, and she predicted that people would go in, 15 or so at a time and clear out shops, street robbery is rife in her area, as anyone with a necklace or ring is game to be mugged, as so many cash for gold places. Having said that, the rioters have burnt normal peoples flats (not the bankers houses') torched cars, of normal people just like us, and for that they are scum. They should do this to the bankers/government who got us in this mess.

  4. There are politicians like Micheal Gove who have fiddled expenses to cover things like plasma TV's, have huge salaries and yet they havn't been sent to jail.

    Then there are young kids who might have been able to afford a decent pair of trainers last year, and this year they can't. So in anger took to the streets, (and they are hardly a disproportionate minority) and are getting charged and sent to jail for stealing things like a 59p bottle of water from Lydl.

    And violence, what a load of tripe coming from the government, they are bombing the shit out of poor countries which at least half the population, if not more do not agree with them doing, their police force assasinate innocent people in order to terrorise. This is the backdrop, the world we live in.

    Riots happen and so they have throughout history from the Watts riots in 1965 onwards because of stark inequality, poverty and (police) harrassement, in these cases they are like any other riot involving many normal people (yeah sure some are nasty, but nasty people are everywhere) and huge numbers of young people and children.

    Well now there's a surprise, you take away access to education via EMA, you give them 23% or more unemployment, then at best casual and shitty jobs, what do you know ... a riot?

    Riots have been described and accurately described as the voice of the unheard.

    It is true that the economic disaster that we are living in is the fault of the bankers, and the government who saw fit to give them billions in money (our money) and shut our services. They are the ones who ought to face the consequences, and be held to account after ruining our lives.


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