Wednesday, August 3, 2011


All that need to be said is:

All who hold power should always be regarded with a jaundiced eye and cynical gaze.

In dealing with those in power, one should perpetually re-examine one's conscience lest the proximity to power tugs us away from our natural morality.

The Australian continent is home to the largest selection of poisonous creatures on earth.

Only the vain, stupid or power-hungry forget these truths.


  1. I'm having trouble starting my mower Ben any tips?

  2. ps its a qualcast panther 380

  3. Excellent few lines that speak volumes, great post!

  4. Being woken up on a Thursday morning, 08:10, to find the Chief Reporter of NOTW at your door, is not a good experience, especially for a nobody, like myself! They needed a body, a place, a time. Truth, has nothing to do with a story, in the NOTW. Blackmail was used! Now, I'm the most famous non-person on the planet!

  5. I'm not so sure this story was about power. I think this is more about money. Murdoch's power and its abuses runs alongside the hacking scandal, not as a cause of it, although it may have made it easier to brush away some attention from the original hacking story (although that was more being done by buying off those bringing cases...)

    In my view, the culture at the news of the world was not about gaining or using power. It was the need to be the first paper with the hotest story that drove them, and the low level of phone security made it all too easy to make money this way.


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