Saturday, August 13, 2011


So some of you assumed that the dwarf throwing was a type of bullying.

Actually, the little guy was a willing volunteer. Still, all us scumbag cons are just animals, eh???


  1. Is that called 'short shrift' Ben!? (Smile!)

  2. It sheds a completely different light on the story knowing that the 'throwing the dwarf' prank was among consenting adults. It got a bit confusing when you mentioned that Mr Dwarf got shipped off from the premises. What a party pooper the Govenor turned out to be, still, nothing unusual there.

  3. On another note, has there been any noticeable change in your circumstances due to the anticipated influx of prisoners from the riots?

  4. Hey Ben

    First of all, thanks for this blog. One of the best and most illuminating I know.

    And you might like this.

    It's written by a guy who used to work in prison, and it's an honest look at the pointlessness of sending all these rioters inside for short sentences. He writes well too.

    Take care, Ben,



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