Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Censorship and Stupidity

While the old joke may have it that the most dangerous thing on earth is a gorilla with a machine gun, any prisoner can tell you that is wrong.  The most dangerous thing is a dim-witted screw armed with a prison rule.

In this instance it relates to porn, which we are not allowed.  And on that basis a screw confiscated a DVD of Superbowl Thirty.  Why? Because the title said "Superbowl XXX", and with that many X's on the cover then it must have been porn...


  1. Why do I get the impression that screws are people who were desperate for a job with a smart uniform, where they hold absolute power over people, and who know they can get away with just about anything...

    ...but who weren't bright enough to become car-park attendants, so had to become screws instead?

  2. Talk about gorillas with machine guns, here is some funny footage of an ape with an AK47

    But what silly prison rules there are! and, what a daft screw

  3. The screw probably got confused when he saw the three X's - and couldn't recall ever giving his signature in triplicate!

  4. this jus thow jobsworth some people can be and the type of power hungry persons wanting to be a screw


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