Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Long Road

Having been cleared to move to open prison a full year ago, I'm now told that it may take several more months before a space can be found for me.

The problem? An increase in the Lifer population from 3,500 to over 10,000 without anyone thinking to increase the number of places in open prisons through which we must be released.

This is how our lives - and your taxes - are slowly but surely leeched away.


  1. I'm not sure my taxes are being leached away slowly.

  2. I bet they would find a place J Arher you are like us the wrong class mate (working class)

  3. sorry I mean't Georfry Archer so sorry for the bad spelling

  4. Lord Hanningfield, former leader of Essex County Council got out just 7 weeks into a 9 month sentence for fiddling his expenses (£1000's paid by us in our council taxes). You are right anon above. People like this are getting sent to Open to serve their sentence (what justification is there for that?) and people like Ben can't get in there to start on the road to release;it IS a class thing.


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