Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

A sunny day, a concrete path... to some, this is just an obvious invitation to jog.

Or walk quickly. The Gov had to decide on this point at a recent disciplinary hearing when a man was nicked for running.

Yer man insisted he was only walking very fast.  After some debate on the walking v. running definition, the charge was dismissed.

We now await the Notice to Prisoners laying out the official Olympic rules on when speed-walking degenerates into running.


  1. Olympic Race Walking Rules

    IAAF rules spell out the differences between running and walking. Competitors who cross the boundary from walking to running during a race walk are cited for “lifting” infractions. Basically, the walker’s front foot must be on the ground when the rear foot is raised. Also, the front leg must straighten when it makes contact with the ground.

    Hope this helps Ben, although I expect the Governor is more used to dealing with 'lifting' of the 'shop' kind.

  2. Will put CCTV to good use with action replays...

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