Friday, October 14, 2011

The Human Zoo

Like the old Bedlam, all prisons are sporadically invaded by gawkers.  These tend to be various species of criminal justice professionals, magistrates, students and the like.

Here, in the Block, we can only listen as they appear whilst we are banged up.  It is frustrating, and some cons shout out entertaining allegations to these unseen visitors.

Why not introduce these enquirers to a con or two?  Staff may well be able to adequately describe the basics of the Block regimes, but only a prisoner can begin to explain the experience of isolation and bang-up.

At the very least, let the visitors bring in bags of peanuts or sticky buns to throw at us!


  1. It seems ridiculous that these people come to look round and don't get to talk to a prisoner! They are only getting a 2D view of things by not getting a prisoner's perspective.

  2. As I recall, even the cons that are not in the punishment wing rarely get to speak to the visiting 'dignitaries' or whoever.

    The screws will usually try to keep anyone who-can-string-half-a-sentence-together well out of the way, whilst allowing a select few (normally those with plenty to lose and little to say!) to answer a question or two.

  3. They come as 'observers' to reinforce the (false) notion that prisoners are contemptable, sub human even. Its a form of entertainment for them, gives them something to talk, laugh and joke about.

  4. They should at least throw you jellybabies, of good breading, something useful! Those that visit are trainee freemasons, you know the kind? The lawyers, judges, counsellors, politicians, new screws, broken screws, future ministers of cloth and corruption, future top business leaders, top corrupt business leaders. Where is True Democracy, True Justice? Not here I'm afraid :( If you want those departments? First, and second doors to the left!!! Never the right, OK?


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