Thursday, November 12, 2009

Answers, cont...


Given your intellectual abilities, I do not understand why you have apparently upset so many people that your release has been blocked. How do you explain this given that I'm sure prisons are a reflection of society? Are people worried about you in this respect?

You must understand prison as a totalitarian society. Merely refusing to buy into the dominant paradigm is a crime and to actually question it is seen as a gross affront to authority.

I don't think my intellect has much to do with my progress or release, except for the odd comment about being too clever for my own good. A manager once suggested that on release I would either be a terrorist or a yuppie, with his money on the former. Charming.

There is a fundamental consequence that comes from a reasonable bright person being detained in a structure that is riddled with philosophical, political, moral and practical flaws. The bright bugger is likely to go around pointing these flaws out, which both baffles and annoys our masters.

One of the most honest encounters I ever had was with a Governor screaming in my face, "We will let you go when we have crushed you”. This is the nature of authoritarian systems, they both hate and fear dissent and their instinct is to lash out.


  1. I tried to think of something more intelligent to say than how very, very depressing this was but I was unable. This is done on behalf of us out here, so I can only apologise. I have written to my MP.

  2. Ben, have you read Screwed by prison officer Ronnie Thompson? If so what did you think of it?


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