Saturday, November 28, 2009

Urinal Fishing

It could be the title of a new, rather strange, game invented by men with too much time on their hands.
It's funnier than that. A Principle Officer, £40,000 quid’s worth of prison service talent, believes a con has been grabbing a sly fag in the education loo.
Rather than dish out a ticking off, the PO decides to equip himself with gloves and evidence bags and go trawling for fag ends down the bog. This is CSI on a budget.
Surreally, when the PO then presented these at the disciplinary hearing in their little baggies (he pressed a charge), he didn't claim that any of them belonged to the miscreant. 

Perhaps he was just a little attracted to the smell of pee?  Or is there just a very strong fan base of CSI amongst screws?

PS the charge was thrown out.


  1. Ben,
    I apologise for perhaps hijacking your blog here a bit, but read your comments with interest on a daily basis. I have previously worked as a Police Officer for 9 years, within a criminal law firm of solicitors for a year and Probation for three years, so have some knowledge of the CJS. This year however I earnt myself 12 weeks custody, something I was not prepared for, however with my knowledge of the CJS, knew what to expect ?
    How wrong can you be ? I had been shown single cells, the fact non-smokers, as I am, share with other non-smokers if required or are on their own.
    Education or work is available to all, therefore the pittance you earn can go towards your weekly canteen, (To those who don't know, you can only order your stock once a week. Run out of sugar etc. as eloquently put before by Ben you borrow) comes only after several weeks.
    If sentanced to 42 days or more you are automatically eligable for 18 day early release. etc. etc.

    None of this is true !

    My story is not important, what is important is that Ben continues his Blog. For those who read it as a form of recreation or something similar, this is a man's life you are reading about, not the daily mail !
    Do something for Ben and all people in custody. Please ?


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