Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Our moral guardians

So some prison staff oop north are having a little strike. This is
illegal. I wonder if they will savour this irony when they return to
the landings and show us how "to live a law abiding life on release"?


  1. The Ministry of Justice said the 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act made it illegal to induce prison officers to go on strike or to take other industrial action which could put the safety of the public, prisoners or staff at risk.
    A POA statement said the dispute had been sparked by an officer at Liverpool prison who had raised a grievance against the jail's governor, Alan Brown, being put on "detached duties" and transferred to nearby Kennet Prison.
    The POA said prison staff had grown tired of being "managed by fear. We have had a management at Liverpool prison that has constantly bullied staff. It works with a two-tier system. Allegations of a manager being a bully are always pushed under the carpet, but prison officers are finding themselves in trouble over a whole range of things. Staff have been moved, dismissed by a wrong and unjust management."

  2. Why is the strike illegal? Thought workers in this country could express their dissatisfaction with pay and conditions by striking? The postmen did...

  3. There are clauses written where certain services, for example the police cannot strike. This is due to a strike in Liverpool I believe about 1923 ?.
    No person should have to live under a regime of tirade of abuse, as said let's see how long the memory of the screws last ?


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