Tuesday, March 9, 2010


There are a whole raft of nicknames both cons and staff use for sex offenders, particularly those who are segregated for their own protection.

This used to be done under Rule 43, now Rule 45. Hence, a man in protection was "on the numbers". Numbers = cucumbers. Simple, innit?

Sex offenders are most commonly called "nonces". The origins of this are lost in time, though there are several plausible sources. Some years ago, in a fit of professionalism, a governor ordered the screws to stop using the term "nonce". And so the screws began to call sex offenders "stills".

I was daft enough to inquire as to why? Obvious, really, once they told me. . .
"Because they are STILL fuckin’ nonces!"


  1. I heard "nonce" came from the days when name, prison number and crime were on your door, "nonce" is an abreviation of "not of normal crimnal element".

  2. I don't like the tone of this one Ben.

  3. As prison humour goes, this is very gentle. Keep telling it how it is!

  4. Anonymous,

    Why? Because it acknowledges sex offenders exist?

    Pretending the don't won't make them go away.

  5. Because it is judgemental - there are many other offences that are just as bad but some of the perpetrators of these are thought of as better than 'nonces'. Is it not just as bad to neglect and kill a child or beat up an older person until they are frightened to leave their homes? I never suggested that anything 'might make them go away' - just want people to be less judgemental and I know that there are many many sexual offenders who get away with it. Don't make judgements - help to educate children so more abuse is identified.

  6. I think you're reading rather more from between the lines of this entry than was ever there.

    This is just a whimsical post that reveals some insight into the workings of the minds of some screws.

  7. Anonymous.

    I see the author only describing the reality he sees (and hears) around him, reporting speech. A little speculating maybe, but I don't see what the problem is.

  8. I thought the cell-card on the door of a sex-offender's cell read 'NON ASS' meaning 'not to associate with other prisoners for his own safety.'

  9. the word comes from Nancy boy


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