Sunday, March 28, 2010

Damn Lies!

The pay in the workshops is steadily decreasing. The excuse offered for this is that there is a recession, prices are falling, the value of the products is lower, hence lower pay.

When we go to spend our pittance, though, we are charged way over the odds for everything. The explanation for this is that the prices of goods outside are increasing.

Hmm, is someone having us over?


  1. Yes, this really gets my goat, Summit media who operate from HMP wolds, "employ" convicts for £15 a week, (who the taxpayer pay to board and feed) and operate a business to the outside world. I mead, if every business could get staff for this amount of money, coz the tax payer keeps them, then that explains why the owner of the business has a £10million house.

  2. Or, perhaps a guy held a job for about ten years. We called him the money laundering pig, he called himself The Chancellor of the Exchequer. He sold half our gold reserves at the lowest price. He lost us £7bn. How is he going to take his punishment? Jack always hides the mess. He has got places to hide things, that we cannot even imagine. If it does not go into a space, just "D Notice" it.


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