Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Non Violence

Many years ago, a Governor suggested that I might be dangerous.

When I pointed out that my prison career was free of violence, he countered by suggesting that this was a symptom of being "over controlled" and so liable to explode.

My proposed solution to this was that I punch someone in the face every three months. He begged to differ.

If I'm violent, I'm damned. If I'm not, I'm damned. Get out of that one.


  1. It is unusual to go a day without a post - I do hope you and your editor friend are OK?

  2. Thank, Doug, for keeping us on our toes! The "You're Still Criminals!" blog went from drafts to the main page on Thursday but somehow got slotted in between Tues and Wed. Having said that, Ed (me!) had a very busy week at work and needed some chill time. Friday blog coming up....


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