Tuesday, March 2, 2010

2. Sexual Development

Prison managers are like Victorian spinsters, equally fascinated by sexuality but wanting nothing to do with it. This explains why, having had me in their clutches since I was 14 years old, they have not said a single word to me about me sexual development. Not. One. Word.

Strange, no? For all they know, I still believe that children come from under bushes or down the chimney via stork-delivery. Or I could believe that being whipped whilst lying in a vat of jelly and wearing a gimp mask is normal on a first date.

Isn't it good to know that they take their responsibilities so seriously?


  1. OK maybe I have got the hang of this blogging thing!
    I recommend "On being a man" as a sensible adult book dealing with real male issues: I gave it to a lifer 22 years ago, and he liked it. Can u get a book you need?
    I was a thro' and aftercare Probation Officer at Borough High St London at the time. Abolished in 1992 at the start of the slide from best Probation service in the world, to the worst.
    We have established a recreateprobation.org website which you cannot look at, for our Campaign for the Reinvigoration of the Probation service [CROPS}: we recommend among many other things that ALL prisoners of whatever length should have a through care Probation Officer [NOT offender manager!] dedicated to their welfare and rehabilitation.
    I must send anarticle to Inside Time
    Can u not apply for Parole, if u admit your wrongdoing, and are safe to release? Have u a release plan?
    best wishes,


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