Monday, March 29, 2010

Happy anniversary?!

Shepton Mallet is claimed to be the oldest continuously used prison in the UK, about to mark its 400th anniversary. Prisoners are being asked to help celebrate this incredible waste of human life. Some will probably join in, the ones who would offer to shine your boot before you kick them with it. I despair.


  1. Isn't the first sign of insanity to keep doing the same thing expecting a different result? 400's not working :)

  2. Seriously?! They are "celebrating" 400 yrs of Shepton Mallet?! Incredible.

  3. Just suppose reincarnation does exist, and the reason why they need to celebrate 400years of Shepton Mallet, is because the Screws are the ones who keep coming back! They love it! It's Hell! They love it! And again, They love it! It's Hell!

  4. Christ. How long will it take until we're celebrating shutting the place, and every other one like it? Reckon it'll make it to the half-millenium?

  5. I was familiar will it being closed down in the 1920s (like many other English prisons) but not aware it was that old.

    Did a quick search and it appears that it wasn't 400 years ago but actually 385 years ago -see

    But if they are actually planned some sort of celebration then we need to organise an alternative event - 400 years: enough is enough.



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