Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Big Rinty is Free

The prison service avoided the obligatory ombudsman's investigation and coroner's inquest by granting Rinty compassionate release a few hours before he died.

The prisoner service then exhibited their compassion by failing to tell Rinty's people he'd been released so he died alone.

The compassion even extended to denying his great friend here to say goodbye by phone.


  1. Do read Erwin's unusually angry account of this, too, even if it only makes it worse - http://www.erwinjames.co.uk/blog/

  2. I agree with Erwin. There's no way that was compassion.

  3. Ben: I am so sorry that you were not able to say goodbye to your friend, and that his family was not afforded the chance to say their goodbyes too.
    Compared to the lack of compassion, and basic humanity shown by the prisoner service, your post shows that you are the better person.
    Rest in peace Rinty
    Kate in Australia

  4. I am so sorry Ben. Big Rinty was certainly not treated with anything like compassion.

    RIP Big Rinty, may you never be alone again.

  5. Sincere condolences Ben on the loss of your friend. It is extremely sad that he was denied the opportunity to say good-bye to his people; it's inexcusable.

  6. Sorry for your loss Ben, I don't know what to say

  7. RIP Rinty. Also sending Ben my condolences. x


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