Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

Today is the first of May.  Ben's release hearing is set for May 2012, but he is expected to complete a minimum of 12 months in open prison first. He is still in HMP Shepton Mallet.  Lord David Ramsbotham wrote to Crispin Blunt about Ben's failed move to open prison and got an apology back.  Lord Ramsbotham forwarded this letter to me and I sent it in to Ben.  Crispin Blunt apologised for the "distress" caused by the "administrative error" and promised that Ben is top of the waiting list to move.  An apology is all well and good, but 8 weeks down the line and Ben is still in Shepton.

In an e-mail last week, Lord Ramsbotham told me he is intending to write to Ken Clarke about Ben's situation and to remind him that not only is the system in a shambles, but this man has served nearly 32 years.  If readers of this blog would like to add their voice to his, please visit the Facebook site where you will find a template letter.

Thank you for your support.



  1. Just a point, but if you are going to write to an MP about an issue, never ever use a template letter.

    They'll just get filed in a suitable recepticle as being yet another lobbying campaign, and wont be treated as a genuine letter from a constituent.

    When writing to my MP, I always cite the facts, and state where I took them from - but then explain why I am personally interested in the issue and how it affects me, or those I care about.

    An MP will involve themselves in an issue if it directly affects the consituent - but copy/paste letters are rightly sent to the bottom of the pile.

  2. @ IanVisits.

    In an ideal world you are indeed right. This is why the letter is going to Ken Clarke as Justice Minister, the template is meant to be personalised for your individual comments, it is merely a basic outline to help those who don't have the time to do as you say. I think the last time we had to campaign for Ben was successful because so many people used the templates available.

    So don't be put off folks PLEASE!! Whichever method you use it will all help to create a louder voice for a long overdue transfer.

  3. I am new to this blog and read about Dave's story I wish you all the very best and hope you get out.

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  5. @G.Hubbard. I am sure that you are trying to be positive and helpful, but I am also sure that I am not the only one with absolutely no idea what you just said. Please, for the love of my tired and worn out brain cells, insert some grammar into that post.

    On the original topic, letter to my MP asking him to badger ministers in the Ministry of Justice is going in the post tomorrow.

  6. Also, when God starts regularly growing back amputated limbs, then I might consider asking him to get Ben out of jail. Until that time, I think I'll stick with writing to my MP; at least he answers back, even if it is only with boiler plate and only in the run up to an election...

  7. regarding my recent comment, our goal is to inspire all to talk with the lord daily on life questions our SPREAD THE WORD TALK WITH THE LORD global program is totally free with no
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  8. To G.Hubbard - I speak to you as one Christian to another. With the greatest respect, I don't think this is the way to go about things. People are not suddenly going to start talking to the Lord daily who don't know Him. They have to grasp His love for them first, and this often comes through ordinary Christians just getting on with demonstrating Jesus' love for people, which was always shown in remarkably practical ways. God bless.

  9. G. Hubbard,

    Word to the wise, if your post contains passages that require you to type with your finger pressed down on shift for long periods of time or to use caps lock, then that's a sign you're going overboard.

    You're welcome to your views and you're welcome to your freedom of speech, but it cuts both ways and if you start proselytizing you might find others start getting free with their speech right back at you.

    Really. This is not the place.


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