Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Favourite Notices

The one that implores us ''to STAMP OUT bullying''. What, kick it's face in, then slice it up? What a bizzarely aggressive poster, intended to undermine violence.

The one on the back of my cell door. Well, actually, there's two identical notices there, both insisting that ''this building is designed to provide an adequate level of fire safely". What amazing foresight, a yokel builder in the 1600's being able to plan for the Building Regulations in 2011!

And then there is the one declaring that the punishment block, aka the Segregation Unit, is now to be known as the ''Care and Separation Unit" I swear to God. if my prostate wasn't so manky I'd rip it out and throw it at the fuckwit who came up with that invertion.


  1. Lol, at least your humour is as sharp as ever!!

    Good luck and take care!!

  2. The "fuckwit" who popularized such things was George Orwell; he called it DOUBLETHINK.

    The "fuckwit" that discovered the phenomenon of driving creatures batty, by creating a flux of distinction, was one of Pavlov's associates, who developed the 'circle-ellipse' experiment, that drove some dogs permanently insane.

    The "fuckwits" that introduced this dissonance in our politically corrected lives, are the Marxist-Feminists.

    And the "fuckwits" that bankrolled them were first the KGB, and after the fall of the Soviet block, the British tax payer, via pseudo-charities and government sponsored quangos.

    Welcome to the Soviet Socialist Republic of Europe Ben. Don't bother packing your toothbrush, as you'll be thrown back in to the gulags for having a testosterone count above that of Harriet Harman's.

  3. JimmyGiro,

    If you don't want to be accused of trolling, don't troll.

  4. Well, Shepton Mallet has only burned down once in the last 400 years, so its safety seems fairly good.

  5. Jimmy lotta hot air there m8, have a lie down and cool off.

  6. What a lot of you are finding difficult to comprehend, is that all the 'political correctness', including the bizarre relabelling on notices, that Ben alludes to, originates in subversion tactics from the KGB.

    But if you will not believe me, then maybe you will believe it from the horses mouth:

    Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, and China's progress from Mao to Deng, the Marxist-Feminists in Europe and America, have found new allies in their respective states, that being the central bureaucracy of those states.

    When 'chaos' is reached, it won't be Soviet tanks rolling in to 'liberate' us, it will be the central bureaucracy that will take over; thus ending the longest running democracy in the world.

  7. Hang on Jimmy, the end of the world was supposed to have been yesterday, its been and gone, things are still the same, we are still here, everyting cook and curry m8, chill, tings fe irie

  8. JimmyGiro I know where you coming from mate but I doubt the average commenter will, it's a bit too much for them to take in.

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  10. (excuse previous deletion, submitted before I'd finished)

    Heh, I see where he's coming from, he's just wrong, again, heh

    And what's with all the "marxist-feminist" business?

    Do you believe women should be chained to the sink? I'm not sure you'll get many takers for that one in 2011!

    Perhaps you think 90% of the wealth in the hands of less than 10% of the not always amazingly ethical population is a good idea?

    That's where capitalism has led us and a direct cause of the crisis that we've been paying for since 2008 and will likely continue to pay for for decades to come.

    Marx had some good ideas, crap implementation of those ideas by the (usually corrupt) leaders who misused them does not make his work itself unsound.

    As for George Orwell and 1984, I don't think he'd be too happy with you misusing his work in this way, doublethink doesn't mean what you think it means... While I see such things (especially newspeak) creeping in (Jobcentre plus anyone? I suspect the next incarnation will be jobcentre doubleplus, not to mention renaming income support, unemployment benefit then jobseekers allowance in order to make people look more like scroungers) and yes, I think if we just chucked a Miniluv banner over Belmarsh it'd save a lot of time, you cannot just slap Orwell's name on anything you don't like and assume you're making a valid point, you're not.

  11. Bearing in mind that is has been a while since I read 1984, but by understanding of newspeak was to remove all methods of description from language. Political correctness does the opposite (although sometimes in silly way).

    Take the word "Nigger." If that was used as the sole way of describing afro-Caribbeans, then it would automatically mean that every time that racial group was referred to there would be a negative description. This would stifle discussion and debate about race relations, as rather than simply saying "that man is a nigger" you would have to say "That man is of Afro-Caribbean decent and I also think something bad about him." This encourages others to ask "why do you think something bad about him?" We therefore enter a debate about the pro's and cons of the person without the presumption of a negative stereotype.

  12. What 'newspeak' in 1984, gleichschaltung in Nazi Germany, and 'political correctness' today does is to implement state control over thought by the deliberate manipulation of language.

    Most of the neologisms introduced are not to encourage understanding, but to induce doubt in the populace as to what is right and what is wrong. This is why I mentioned the Pavlovian experiment regarding the circles and the ellipses; I highly recommend that you familiarize yourselves with that experiment and its conclusions... afterall, the KGB did.

  13. I cite Godwins law and therefore you lose the debate.

    As for Pavlov's experiment, it has nothing to do with language. To produce the neurosis would require day in day out brainwashed people to be told different things. Changing labels on things won't make a difference, or we would have all gone insane when Opal fruits became starbursts.

  14. Ah, now I remember, *this* is the reason why i stopped reading comments.

    Seriously, JimmyGiro, stop pushing your agenda on someone else's valuable and pretty much unique, blog, it's neither needed nor wanted. Go post your pointless diatribes on your own blog, so I can ignore them like the utter drivel they are.

  15. He falls to his knees before a half buried Statue of Liberty and wails: "Damn you Godwin, you blew it all to hell!"

    We look at the hour hand on the clock, we stare intently for 8 seconds, and state that it is not moving. But we notice the 'seconds' hand moving, and from our past experience of the clock being in good working order, we deduce that the hour hand moves, without 'seeing' it move.

    You say things are fine, because you have been dissuaded from looking at the seconds hand move; you do not see the hour hand move, and you conclude that it is irrelevant that the hour hand is electronically attached to the trigger of crisis set at noon.

    The Ritalin abuse of boys in schools, the destruction of the heterosexual family, male unemployment, the burgeoning of the male prison population (whilst female prisoners fall in number), 4000 new laws to incriminate men, the promulgation of homosexual 'virtues' whilst fathers are being stitched up with false claims of rape, domestic violence and paedophilia; these are some of those 'seconds' hands ticking, that you are not recognizing, therefore failing to conclude the madness of our nation.

    It is said that evil happens when good people do nothing; I say that propaganda is the art of making people look askance to the reality of their plight, thus nullifying any good they may have, so they do nothing by default.

    @ tallguy,

    To judge the present you must extrapolate from the context of the past. When Opal fruits were introduced, they were a family treat; now they are Starbursts, it is a tool wielded by a single parent mum to quell the rights of an overindulged child.

    Are you sure we've not gone insane!?

  16. Well said, Eva. Quite agree.

  17. I fail to see exactly how Ben's humorous post about prison notices turned into this totally irrelevant and surreal set of posts JG. With greatest respect, you are not coming across as very sane at all. My advice to you would be to broaden the scope of your reading matter as you are sounding quite obsessional and as has been said, Ben's blog really isn't the place for it.

  18. JG posts like this because you all rise to his bait.

    Occasionally he makes a valid and thoughtful post, so I personally value having him around, but if you want to encourage more of those and fewer of these, for the love of Bob, ignore him when he's being a tit!


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