Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Editor’s Day Out

The Editor got to escape from the PC where she works her magic on my efforts, to attend the knees-up that was the unveiling of the was Orwell Prize Shortlist.

Alas, I failed to make the leap from the Longlist to the Shortlist and must be slightly glad that I couldn't attend.

I’d have been forced into broadcasting some cactus smile as I applauded those who marched upwards towards the prime, while inwardly wishing that their swonicles would catch fire.

The Editor acted with far more grace and spent her time schmoozing, collecting business cards, compliments and free drink, adjourning for a pizza with a gaggle of other attendees before vanishing back into mysterious obscurity on the last train...

The crushing blow to my monstrous ego aside, I am extremely pleased to have even reached the Longlist for the Orwell Prize. For a few moments my name shared space with those far more established, lauded and polished. Just wait until next year!


  1. Good luck for next year Ben. Lulz xx

  2. You make it sound so exclusive Ben, in reality as with most competitions it has a lot to do with luck.

    Of course there has to be a certain standard reached, but winning competitions like this one has a lot to do with luck, and having a style and content that pleases the judges at that time.

    I don't think it would be a good idea to tailor your blog for the likes of a competition, rather stick to the reasons why you set up the blog in the first place and stick to your own aims and objectives.

    I know the guy who won the Orwell prize, yeah sure his blog is good but not a cut above anyone elses in particular, he probably just wrote about and said things that the judges wanted to hear, coupled with a palatable style.

  3. You did do extremely well to get on the long-list Ben! And at least Ed got a treat for all her hard work! Well done both of you.

  4. Are we not also measured by those who oppose us?

    If popularity is our measure, then Hitler and Churchill stand as tall as each other; one before, and the other after.


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