Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Sentence

I am sentenced to be "Detained During Her Majesty's Pleasure".  Well, 31 years in, I hope she's happy.


  1. It says a lot when its her majesty's pleasure to incarcerate people for all or most of their lives, it makes one wonder about the Queen and the whole system she rests on.

    Keep up the good fight though Ben; you are an inspiration to many of the downtrodden, and a glimmer of hope for us all, although you may not feel it.

    Take it easy mate.


    Even though the prisoners are vetted it should be interesting how this works out

  3. Hmmm, that begs an interesting legal question. You and many other prisoners have been detained "At HER majesty's pleasure." Well the next in line to the throne is a King, "HIS majesty." You have been detained at "HER" pleasure but have you been detained at "HIS?"

  4. It is strange and rather disconcerting that the queen takes pleasure from locking up children and for the rest of their lives, bit like one of them old fairy tales like hansel and gretal.


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