Sunday, May 15, 2011

Just Chillin'

The location I found myself allocated on returning from my brief trip to the gated of Open prison is far removed from the one I had previously occupied. When I left, I lived on B Wing, a classic long, galleried wing of three landings that holds the bulk of the population here. Now I find myself tucked away on D Wing, home of the old execution shed and death cells. It is a tiny warren of narrow corridors and cells.

This changes the social ecology of how we interact. My enclave, three cells at the end of a corridor, entices us to hang around before periods of bang-up to talk what can only be described as utter bollocks! 

This evening’s episode focused on pubic hair. One of our number was accused of shaving his pubes, a distinctly odd occupation in a single sex environment - and another swore blind that his pubes were growing longer in prison. This led to a brief, futile, exploration of the proposal that sex wears down pubic hair...

At lunchtime, when someone off the wing was being mentioned that I didn't know, he was described to me as ''he's the paedophile  that even the other paedos are embarrassed by''!

Last week, we briefly wandered into the moral and legal complexity that is paedophiliac vampirism. If a man screws an underage girl who is actually a 200 year old vampire, is he a paedo?

Obviously, this just had to expand into the surreal - is dressing a dwarf in a schoolgirl outfit a bit, well, noncey? And just where do the Crankies fit into this psychosexual morass? There was then some general mockery over my pondering whether women get belly-button fluff?  
Given the weighty IQ's that populate our tiny corner of this dungeon, you may have hoped for more substantial material. But no; we just talk a slightly better quality of bollocks as we await being locked away.


  1. To the majority of people, there are demarcations to our emotions. Behaviour of most people clearly shows the difference between the sex-drive, and 'caring' or friendship. This being a biological evolutionary development, as nobody is given lessons to find kittens and puppies cute, but not sexy, we generally feel this inherently, as our nature.

    Vidal Gore famously said: "There are no homosexuals, only homosexual acts." But then he's a bisexual, so he would say that, wouldn't he?

    It is my belief that what is popularly being called paedophilia, is mostly pederasty. That is, it is the extension of homosexuality, which itself is the failure to separate the sex-drive from other social feelings.

    Recall the images of middle aged homosexuals on 'gay pride' like marches, demanding the 'right' to equality of age of consent; for heterosexuals it was 16, and for homosexuals it was 18. Wouldn't it have been less contentious if they demanded the raising of the age of heterosexuality, rather than their choice of lowering the age for homosexuals? J'accuse.

    And with 'modern' police forces vying for who is the most gay-friendly, whilst most social services are being run by homosexuals, it will be inevitable that the deliberate fudging between 'paedophilia' and pederasty, will aid and abet the homosexual cabals. Hence the heterosexual father Chris Langham is condemned as a paedophile for possessing 17 images of pederasty; yet he has no record of committing actual abuse, or admitting or showing sexual predilections for under-age sex. He was morbidly curious as to the minds of pederasts, as he claims to have been a victim of a pederast when he was a boy.

    Juxtapose this with the pseudo-science that claims homosexual couples make the 'best' foster parents. Clearly those who pedal this lie believe they are smarter than evolution. Their arrogance would certainly suggest this, as witnessed by the bizarre display of Elton John kissing baby Zachary, to the delight of the Marxist-Feminist media. I dare that same media to show the footage of Elton John declaring to camera that he found David Furnish more sexy after he had his pubic hairs waxed.

    In conclusion, I believe that the emphasis on paedophilia rather than pederasty, is a cynical political subversion to destroy families, whilst protecting the culprits by decoy.

  2. There is not much, nothing in fact to be said that is good about being in prison. But the one thing that makes me sometimes feel there may be something positive about it is the company, I know its not necessarily good company, but nevertheless you do have one another. Living on my own as I do, it can get quite lonely and there are times I would love some company, any company; however, on reading your latest post Ben for once I actually feel positively glad to be alone rather than suffer those conversations you describe. It sounds dire, I really hope you can ship out of Shepton as soon as is practical and I will pray for this. All the best.

  3. In answer to the vampire, morally yes. Legally, well no, but I think he gets cornered by the laws relating to bestiality.

  4. On the subject of the changing nature of pubics ... Well, a while back I had a relationship with a man who had mousey blond hair but was darker around the back of his head. Anyway about a year or so into our relationship, his hair colour started to change, naturally. He went from mousey blond to virtually black. The hairs on his chest went from blond and whispey to black, think and wirey ( he loved it!).

    I would have never have thought that the saying that something could put hairs on your chest had any truth in it until I saw what happened to my boyfriend with my own eyes!

    As for his pubes down below; well, I am much too much of a lady to share that one with you!

    Your latest post did make me laugh though Ben.

  5. I'm going bald and grey on top, but the pubes a lustrous and luxuriant chestnut colour.

    JimmyGiro, why do you use what was a humourous post to push that completely unproven line about homosexuality and peadophilia? Some (probably a lot of) gay men are attracted to older teenagers - And some, I'm sure do pressure them into sex, as do some straight blokes with teenage girls. If anyones guilty of peddling pseudo-science, it's you.

    Btw, are you a fan of that froggie clown Michael Hollaback (however you spell it)? You've already got form for quoting Ayn Rand on here , so nothing would surprise me from you.

  6. Jimmy Giro, you have just reviled a(nother) dark underbelly to your opinions that I suspected was there and now know.

    There is no link between homosexuality and pedophilia except in the tortured minds of homophobes like yourself.

    Have you decided that, as you cannot now derail threads with conversations about feminism, you will roll out a different set of obnoxious spewings?

    I call possible troll. Quit it.

  7. I meant "revealed", of course, but perhaps "reviled" was a Freudian slip?

  8. Surely you mean 'otter' bullocks Ben!?


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