Monday, September 19, 2011

Coffee Bean Justice

Several years ago Governors lost their power to add a few days to a man's sentence as a disciplinary punishment. Now, we are graced by a District Judge to dish out that kind of punishment, and he was here today.

This caused a mad rush by the staff to rustle up a jar of coffee.  His Honour needs a constant supply whilst faced with a parade of prisoner miscreants.  Guess who had the dubious distinctions of making it...?

I did wonder if this attention from the prison staff may soften the Judge's heart in favour of the prosecution, especially when I heard they once baked him a cake!

It warmed my heart to later hear that staff saw him as a "soft" sentencer.  Sure enough, he didn't sling anyone in the chokey this time around.  Good man! And you never know, I may one day need a Judge who once appreciated my coffee!

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  1. Just as long as you didn't serve it to him in that dirty rotten jug of yours


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