Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Dog Bites Man

Playing with a few dogs is hardly a headline in life, except the strange and empty world that is prison.

Not having played with a dog for 3 decades, I'd somehow overlooked the toothy prospects of 2 springer spaniel puppies when a tennis ball is dangled before them.  Don't be misled by the floppy ears and sad eyes, they can shift - and don't let fingers get between them and the ball.

I spent about an hour with them and a big labrador puppie and they did run me ragged.  They also gave me a chance to step out of "prison", to do something normal.  Such times are rare and to be held on to.

Many thanks to all involved!


  1. In my opinion, the effect that those dogs has had on Ben, only goes to emphasise the length of time this man has managed to survive (mentally unscathed) in the harsh, cold reality of our Great British INjustice system.


  2. I know Ben has had a very tough life as so have very many others, (including me and you), but I think you are going a bit far, Darby, when you say that Ben has managed to survive mentally unscathed from his experiences.

    We are all scarred in some way or other from the harsh reality of the world we are born into, I don't believe for a minute that Ben is mentally or physically unscathed, but I do believe the system is rotten to the core and in desperate need of radical reform and change.

    We should all play a part in orchestrating that change, its not about hero worshiping an individual however strong they may be, we have to look to ourselves for inner strength too.

    Our gifts and what we have to offer will be different in every one of us, but we will and do all have something to offer the world and the struggle to make it better.

  3. I agree Sophie J - a very poor choice of word on my part.

    Of course, it would be impossible to emerge from a journey such as Ben has been on 'unscathed', but that doesn't mean that Ben wouldn't be able to cope perfectly well if released tomorrow and left to his (and HIS peoples) own devices.

    My heart tells me that there is nothing more wrong with Bens mental well-being, than a good dose of freedom could put right.

  4. Maybe, you could be right Darby.

    As for dogs and their bite, I will never forget a stray dog who used to hang around a hood where I lived once up in the Midlands. It was not only a bit on the vicious side, but it was also frisky.

    Now I am not the best with dogs, but this little so and so bit me right on the bum, I just couldn't believe it.

    In the end, I am not sure what happened to the dog, but I became quite unhappy in that neighbourhood and moved elsewhere pretty soon after that incident,(somewhere equally bad mind you, just minus the frisky stray dog), but there were other things to contend with.

    That's another story ... I could write a book about it all; maybe I will one day when I've got more time, hmmm now there's a thought!

  5. Hmm, dogs are man's best friend - that is, when you don't argue with them. These animals don't think the same way we do. We should always be aware of them, even if they are our pets. As for Ben, I hope all your problems will be solved. Cheer up, everyone! :)


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