Thursday, September 29, 2011

Goodish News

My juddering progress to the Big Wide World has taken a move in the right direction.

Having been busted over a mobile phone a few months ago, my move to open prison went into limbo whilst the Ministry pondered. And pondered.  And pondered. They have finally decided not refer me back to the Parole Board for a bit of a spanking, and that I remain fit for open prison.

This was a surprise, as all involved were assuming that the Ministry were going to take any opportunity to stiff me.  This then, may indicate a shift in how I am perceived, some final recognition that while I may be a little difficult I am largely benign.

There is a hitch though. I still haven't been moved to open prison and no-one seems in any hurry to phone for the taxi.  This looks as if it may, alas, lead to my having to take legal action to get from here - Cat C  - to there - Cat D.

Let's hope sense and expediency prevail.


  1. It is good news indeed. I was always confident that good sence will prevail. After all, the breach committed has to be married up to the punishment incured. I really do not know how I have become confident........ it must be the age thing! The system moves at snails pace in these matters but then again you learn to live with it until perfection is achieved!

  2. Hands 'up-ish' from me Ben.

    I'll happily admit that I seem to have 'jumped the gun' when I suggested that the 'admin error' stuff was part of some kind of conspiracy designed to and keep you in jail.

    Only 'ish' though Ben, as I guess like you, I'll only ever truly believe 'it', when 'it' (whatever 'it' might be!) happens.

    Having retained your 'D' cat. What excuse can there possibly be for not moving you post-haste?

    This should mean (in terms of REAL priority!) that you are very near (if not at) the top of the list for the next available transfer to a suitable 'D' cat prison.

    I agree, 'goodish news'.

  3. It is a small, small step, but encouraginly in the right direction. I will continue to pray that common sense will grab hold and move you forward in your journey without the need of legal action.


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