Sunday, September 18, 2011

Nearly a Misunderstanding

When an older man sidles up to you and asks it you want to see some puppies, do you hang around to hear him out?!

Luckily, I did. The Dog Handlers are training a couple of baby sniffer-dogs, and would I like to come along and play for half an hour?  Yes, please!

This is offered to me as some sort of therapy, a chance to do something out of the normal run of prison - the run of which I am thoroughly bloody sick.   When was the last time you played with a dog, or patted one?  For me it has been over 3 decades.  This offer is much appreciated.

Obviously, I'm not suggesting that people in general should hang round with strangers offering puppies...


  1. Certainly a 'not to be sniffed at' opportunity.

    The most 'peaceful' times in my own life are those spent exploring the beach or graveyard with my chocolate Labrador 'Ted'

    Good news for a change Ben.

  2. Ahhh! cute, hope you enjoy that, some time with puppies! What you gonna teach them, things like fetch, lie down, paw! It'll be great! And you can spoil them as you'll be more like uncle rather than their handlers who I presume might be more strict with them. Someone should take a camera so that we could see a pic of you with the puppies : )

  3. What uplifting news Ben, I hope you really enjoy the time you get to spend with the puppies! God bless.

  4. I would like to see a prison dog scheme in the UK. I saw a documentary on it and it looked to be beneficial for all involved.

  5. Aaaah Sophie J you are so cute I could wrap you up in cotton wool!

    Prisoners hate the dogs cos they sniff out the drugs and slipping poison to them is not unheard of...

  6. Think Ben enjoyed himself apart from finding out puppies have sharp teeth. Tried to get a prison dog scheme at Erlestoke but it's costly DOGHANDLER

  7. Hello Doghandler, thanks so much :) I hope it's clear how much we appreciate you doing something like this for Ben.

  8. A refreshing change to see a member of prison staff expressing themselves here. We so need to have both sides of the argument (when there is an argument!). That is what I should have said to you today, rather than just "thanks".


    Blog Ed.

  9. What is a prison dog scheme? Is it about training them?


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