Tuesday, September 27, 2011

They Have it so Easy!

It is a perpetual risk that being an old bird-man crosses the line into being a nostalgic, judgemental old fart.  That said...

To clean the corridor in this modern era I must have a BICS certificate and am equipped with a mop, bucket, and assorted liquids.

Contrast when I first began.  Dragged from your cell and presented with a bucket of water, block of carbolic soap , scrubbing brush, dishcloth and a kneeling pad.  Yep, on yer knees scrubbing corridors by hand.

Tsch, the cons of today don't know they're born...


  1. Pity they don't scrub floors like that today in modern hospitals - we would not have these super bugs if they did!

  2. I remember those days without fondness Ben.

    I clearly recall being made to get up from my scrubbing (of a very long corridor dubbed the M1) to stand to attention whilst saying "excuse me sir", every time one of the sadistic boy-beating screws walked pass.

    After the scrubbing would come the polishing.

    The polish would be laid with a cloth. This would then be 'buffed up' using 'bumpers', which were very heavy (almost as heavy as some of the boys trying to wield them!) rectangular blocks, attached to long broomstick-like handles, under which a suitable cloth would be placed for a floor "I can see my face in it" - as the screws would like to spout at regular intervals.

    I hated scrubbing, and the nasty-minded screws in equal measure.


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