Thursday, September 15, 2011

Belated Anniversary

I have written before about my lack of any perspective on time, and the editor reminded me that the blog's second anniversary has just passed.

Thank you, every one of you who take the time out of your lives to read my outpourings.  Without your presence I'd be howling at the moon!

I only hope that, now and then, I write something that makes you laugh, cry or ponder.  Know that your comments have such effects on me.



  1. Thank you too Ben - keep writing. Many thanks to the Ed too.

  2. Happy anniversary!

    It's a great blog, best wishes to you Ben, Ed and everyone here who appreciates good writing, and thoughtful and insightful intellect.

    Well done Ben, two years blogging; that is a mighty achievement!

  3. Congratulations on keeping this together for two whole years (under the most difficult of circumstances, to say the least). Most folks couldn't have done it. So if this reaches Ben ----THANK YOU FROM THE GREAT SILENT MAJORITY.

    Good luck fella, and with your doctorate too, of course.

    Thanks too, to the wonderful Ed....
    ...without whom ...etc etc etc

    My very best wishes to you all.


    Anonymous, may i ask out of interest who are they? And do you represent them? (who ever they are)? And what is so great about their supposed silence?

    Not to detract from your big ups on the anniversary post though, just wondering about the logic of this fantasy 'silent majority' you speak of, especially as it must be so important that you put it in CAPS LOCK!

  5. Thanks for sharing the last 2 years with us. I can't remember how i found this blog, but i did a short stint in jail 7 years ago. Very different "crime", different sentence, and very different experiance for me. But still say that 5 months was the best education money can't buy.

  6. Sophie J ---don't be so snarky. I have no idea now why I put it in caps (except to add emphasis).

    Why emphasis? Well, I sometimes feel on my visits here, that there must be folks, occasional readers like myself, who support Ben (even, dare one say it, as much as you do), but just pass on without registering that bit of empathy.

    Hence, on this occasion, it being 2 whole years and all, THE CAPS.

    Can you allow that?!?

  7. In addition to that, have this:

  8. Anonymous above, what has Richard Nixon got to do with "occasional readers ...(who) Just pass on without registering that bit of empathy"?

    Maybe you could summarise the main points in the link above and say how it connects to your original comment, because I am even more confused now.

    Aside from the 'silent majority' bit, it does come across that you care about Ben, well quite, and so you should!

  9. Sophie J --you need to lighten up a wee bit, no?

  10. maybe you need to lighten up too --who are you btw?

  11. Thanks for all your kind words of support. Ed.


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