Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Coffee Jar

Some while ago we were prohibited from buying any goods which arrived in a glass jar.
Coffee was the most obvious casualty.
This policy - enforced across every prison - was a knee jerk reaction to events in a Block up north. It was alleged that a prisoner attempted to murder three screws by way of a broken bottle of sauce. History does not recall whether it was tomato or brown.
The prisoner has now been acquitted. Pity he can't celebrate with a nice cup of Nescafe...!


  1. I presume the newish Kenco instant coffee sold in a resealable bag was designed with prisons in mind.

  2. um, Ben! ( this post is a bit ... well, short?) I would be interested to read a bit more about the whole story from an inside point of view. Meanwhile hope everything is ok in the new place for you, take care, all the best x

  3. So Ben - does it mean they banned all glass items? What about spectacles? You rightly said it was a 'knee-jerk' reaction. My confusion is to decide who the real 'jerks' are in the whole scenario..


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