Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Improbable Correlations

As the height of the prison perimeter fence decreases, the height of the toilet doors increase. True.
Both reflect the malign imaginations of our keepers. And so, at Open, there is no security fence, it is a redundant feature. Similarly, in Closed prisons the toilet doors are half-height, leaving you staring passers by in the eye as you sit about your business. Obviously, Devious Things would occur behind full sized doors. Obviously...
In Open, though, we are trusted to go about our toilet behind the privacy of a full sized door. 
Live and learn!


  1. To begin with, measure the actual height within the staircase called for. The particular dimension ought to be required from the soil finished floor prior to the next point finished floors.

  2. The passage of time....?!

  3. This is the most interesting blog post you have written for some time. I expect most people, like me, had no idea that you could not take a dump in private.


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