Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Why oh why does every other notice from management have to end with blood curdling threats of sanctions?

We get it.  Bad boys are slung out, OK?!


  1. "Bad boys are slung out" ... oh noes!

    But what about the public??? You know, public protection? They should keep the bad boys in.

    Seems like they've got it all wrong and upside down again. Nothing new there then!

    Take care Ben, all the best, must be difficult for you at the moment, thanks for keeping up with the blog, its appreciated x

  2. The threat of falling foul of the petty rules of open prison (and thus landing back in a closed!) is an ever-present worry for Cat D cons - and certainly not something they need a constant reminder of.

    Unfortunately, these rules can easily be 'over-enforced' by some of the more mean-spirited staff against anyone they see fit.

    Step lightly Ben....


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