Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Week 1, Part 3

Open prisons have a fondness for work that borders on fetishism. With this in mind the wise use all their spare time during the induction week scuttling around the nick trying to find a job. If this fails then the dreaded Labour Board makes the decision.
Given my various ailments, coupled with the failure to shove me in front of the GP within 2 weeks, I was handicapped in this unseemly scrabble for employment. Provisionally graded "Labour 2" (lightish duties) I found my options seriously limited. Obviously all the better jobs were filled long ago.
Relying on my more natural abilities, I began applying for jobs more likely to use my potential. The Library, the advice centre, induction, and - thanks to a quiet tipoff - the Editorship of the prison magazine.
The only door that was graced with a welcome mat was that of the Education Department; a nice change from how Education has treated me in recent years. Keen to replace the Editor who was soon to leave, and being longtime readers of my output, they were very enthusiastic at my appearance...


  1. Good luck with securing the job Ben. Happy Christmas too. Hopefully the New Year will bring about the end of your journey.

  2. This could be interesting..... The position of Editor implies a certain amount editorial freedom combined with freedom of speech.

    I hope they have the moral courage to give you the job, but I suspect that official sphincters will already be twitching just at the thought....

    Best wishes for Christmas & the New Year!


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