Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Week 1, Part 2

There are a range of ways in which to enter a prison, styles of adaptation, states of mind, which can profoundly effect
the way that time flows in that prison.
Although I was rather highjacked and dumped 3 hours away from my home area, given that my next Parole Board sits in a mere 5 months, I squashed every negative or arsey thought and determined to enter Sudbury with a positive outlook.
Through benign Fate, I've fallen in with a helpful and thoroughly decent bunch of people. They are full of advice, questions and - in one case - an endless supply of mischievous lies. In this respect, I've landed on my feet.
I also rolled into a double cell... The torments of this situation are vastly unappreciated by the uninitiated and it serves to ratchet up my baseline stress hugely. I am trying to write this to the accompanyment of Coronation Street and Emmerdale. Oh, the horrors! My cellmate wasn't even born when I came to prison.
Being ninth on the list for a single cell, this stress could gnaw away at me for some time.


  1. Keep a cool head Ben, thinking of you, take care

  2. Hi Ben all the posts I have read of yours I can relate to in someway.My husband is a lifer really long story so I won't go into it all. He is nearly 3 years over tariff obviously thats nothing compared to your over tariff years.Well what I wanted to say was yes the system sucks and everything takes so long.But im afraid your not the one with the control. You know by now what you should or shouldnt do. Play the game Ben thats the only way your ever gonna get your release GOOD LUCK.

  3. Keep calm Ben - do NOT react in a negative way - remember what it is like in closed conditions. Practice yoga or something similar. Please do not allow the stress to overtake you. Make a real effort to 'ignore' the background - it can be done.

    Thinking of you.

  4. Poor you Ben, nothing worse than having to share a cell. My cell mate forever told me she was innocent, not once, not twice, but about 500 times. No point in telling me, tell her lawyer. I was so happy to be moved to a single after a month. Also was a TV addict. Even at 3 am, i would go to turn it off, as she was asleep, and she would pipe up "i was watching that" aaaarrrrrhhhhhh!!!!!

  5. I have a husband who says "I was watching that!" when I switch the telly off at night and the tv is on as I type this so not much different in the real world Ben


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